I have fought with many struggles in my life, but my mother’s passing has been one of the hardest and longest of all my struggles. She was more than just my mother, she was my best friend. I can’t remember anyone closer or more loving than she was to me during my childhood.

Me, my mother, and my baby brother

My mother taught me there is nothing more important than family.

I won’t lie, like all families, there were times that we all may not have gotten along but in our hearts, we knew that no matter the cost we would always be there for one another.

I’ve lost myself for a while and pieces of myself may not ever return, but I knew one thing would always remain, my love for family and my adopted family that comes here to read my thoughts and concerns. I will do my best never to stray from those of you that are always here for me and I promise if any of you need someone I am here, even if it’s just to listen, sometimes that’s all someone needs.

Mother, even though you may be gone I still feel your love and you will always live within my heart.

Life by Photography

Life can seem like a long journey of bleakness until our eyes become wide open so that we can truly see what’s ahead of us.

Sometimes we might judge others until we learn their story and what brought them to where they are.

We might look back at what we left or what we lost, but what we should be doing is looking ahead at what’s to come.

Never forget our youth and all the dreams we had of who we wanted to be, when you thought you were in one place you may have turned around to find yourself in another place, but keep in mind of all the places you find yourself in there will be so many others to come that will make you who you were always meant to be.

Time is only a small part of our lives, what we do with it is forever.

Seasons change for a reason, so with each season find the change for you, so you may find happiness no matter what comes your way.

Darkness may come throughout our lives, embrace it and find the beauty within it and within yourself.

When you can’t find what your searching for prepare to set flight and keep searching, the answers are out there for you!

When life becomes too much to hold back then open the gates and let your feelings flow for all to see!

Life always has a fork in the road, choose which path to take that will lead you to greatness.

Life can sometimes weigh us down and make us feel helpless but remember the sun will shine again!

I hope you enjoyed the photos, but I also hope it showed you that no matter what you think you may see in your life someone else sees so much more.

Good Wednesday Morning

No matter what life throws at you remember that you have a choice, you can either be beaten down and give up or you can decide that this is your life and however you want it to go is up to you and no one else.

If you want a better life or to achieve something then your fear shouldn’t be failing, the only fear is never trying or giving up.

California Life

There is always something bad about anyplace you may go, but I have to say California is one place I love to be. It has so much to over you even if it’s just a short vacation.

One thing you can look forward to most of the time is the wonderful weather. My last visit it stayed around 70-80 degrees fahrenheit with cool breezes.


You can sit back to enjoy the boats that often passby

Maybe you would like watching the surfers or just lay back and soak up some sun.

Whale Watching

You might take a little drive and go whale watching

No matter what you decide to do I’m sure you find yourself having one of the best times you’ve ever had.

Lost in a world of darkness

Darkness follows me like a shadow that can only be lost briefly, just to have it return the moment I step into the light.

It doesn’t matter what I do to elude the darkness it always finds its way into my mind and takes over my body, like a virus it finds my weakest times and attacks.

Sometimes it feels as if the light has abandoned me and there is no hope for the future.

My mind is overrun with thoughts that can never be shared with anyone, they would only think worse of me than I’m sure they do already.

This life I’m living is no longer my own.

For those of you that may feel this way, I promise you I have been there but there is and always will be hope!

A Day In Nature

I left the other day to do some exploring and to take a few photos of nature, You never know what you may see or encounter when you just set off with no real destination.

Always have a camera ready for the unexpected

A true photographer always carries a camera and has it ready for an unexpected photo opportunity, it doesn’t matter if they are a pro or an amateur.

Not every shot will come out great or even good but to those that love nature the point is you were able to capture it and it will be enjoyed by you the photographer.

Some of your favorite shots may be those taken at or close to your own home.

When you can get off the mainstream paths and search for those shots that are not so common. They may be good shots but you want to try and give your viewers something they may not have seen before.

Then again you may just enjoy the simple captures and your views may do the same, we can never tell what your viewers will enjoy the most and come back over and over to see again.

I know several people that love seeing sunsets and sunrises as much as they do most anything else, so keep in mind it doesn’t really matter what the subject is that you choose. The real point for me is getting out to relax and enjoy whatever I find.

Sunset or Sunrise

The sun rises and then it sets beneath the horizon, it could be hard to know exactly which it is like in the photo above. what really matters is what we do during the time in between. Did we take the time to enjoy the splendor of the another day given to us or maybe give someone a helping hand.

If we take the time to really look around there are so many things to be seen, life is not meant to just be lived through, it’s meant to be lived.